These 4 Ridiculously Simple Tactics will Drive Your Ex Back, Guaranteed

The dating game has definitely changed. Gone are the days when you could break up with an ex and leave a thousand messages on his phone apologizing (for even things you didn’t do) and begging him to reconsider his decision. Today, there are great ways of getting back together with an ex without looking sad and miserable. I’ll give you 4 psychological techniques I have used to get back with my ex, and still kept my pride. Read on and arm yourself with these simple and tested tactics on how to win your ex back!

Tactic 1: Insert The Force of “Scarcity”

As you probably already know, people desire what they cannot have. When we feel we lose something we once had, we are in pain and would do anything to release the negative emotions. Experienced marketers often play this psychological button to get you buy products or take certain actions. Therefore, you can too use this button to change decisions of your ex. By simply ignoring him in a smart way, he will feel the tension and be afraid of losing you. Most likely, he will do anything, which is to get back with you, to escape from the pain. However, you might get backfired if you didn’t use the technique carefully. You can master this skill by reading this amazing book “Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy”

Tactic 2 : Plant “Triggers” in His/Her Mind

Decisions are emotional, not logical. According to Researchers at the University of Rochester, over 90 Percent of our decisions are made subconsciously. Therefore, when you try to reason with your ex to get back together, he most likely won’t reason because you are communicating with his logical brain. Instead, you need to communicate with his emotions and subconscious, where he has no filter for your suggestions.

A good way to do this is to find a way to let his surroundings remind him of you. Let him recall how amazing you were before things went wrong. An old photo on his friend’s social media, a hypnotic letter, or a thoughtful gift is also a nice way to plant an idea in his mind. The key is to associate yourself with pleasure in his mind again. Once you do this, you should be patient and wait until the triggers start to do the work for you.

The best and most comprehensive books to learn how to plant ideas in subconscious are Mind Control Mastery and Mind Control Language Patterns. By reading them, now you can understand how the subconscious works and get your unfair power in your daily interactions with your enemies, family, and friends. Be open-minded when you buy and read these books, you will not only be able to get your loved one back to your arms but also understand yourself even better.

Tactic 3: Turn the Table around with “Rejection” and “Reverse Psychology”

Do you feel you are losing him? Psychologist Theodor Reik once said, “We learn to love only through rejection.” By using rejection, you can turn the table around. How do you do this? You can purposefully make him feel as if he is the one that got dumped. If he tries to contact you, act as if you are too busy for him. Let him come to a conclusion that why the relationship is over is because he is not good enough. He will soon feel the sparks again because he feels rejected.

Using reverse psychology is another way to accomplish this. You can act as if you do not want him anymore. He will feel the discomfort and tension once he realizes he is no longer desirable. He’ll make the effort to change your mind so he can get back to the comfort of your relationship.

Tactic 4: Keep Them In The “Dark”

They say what we don’t know cannot kill us; well, it can, it can especially torture your ex. If you share the same circle of friends, don’t give them much information about what is happening in your life. Let the information that reaches your ex. be scanty enough to engage his imagination. A fear of the unknown will slowly drive him crazy and make him desire to know more. See what you’ve done here? You are making yourself a relevant topic in his mind. When you don’t get off his mind, you stand a better chance of winning your ex back.

Bonus: The Unexpected Consequences of Your Success

It is hard to go through a breakup. It is even harder to change your ex’s mind and get back together. Therefore, many of us utilize these psychological techniques to achieve “goals” because we feel powerless. However, I need you to be aware of certain facts before you start to implement your “plan”.

When you use any psychological techniques (manipulations) to alter someone’s mind, you are in risk of getting backfired, because all the techniques we discuss here are using “emotional pain” to motivate desired behavior. If you are not careful or prepared, your ex might resent you, contempt you, or even dump you again not long after you get back together. The breakup will be even more difficult to reverse.

Therefore, before you take your next step, you should first understand the pattern of seduction. One of my favorite books that I have mentioned many times in this blog is The Art Of Seduction. This book has helped me successfully change many impossible situations. By reading it now, you will know what to expect and how to deal with the emotional aftermath.

Congratulations! You Have Finished Uncovering These Tactics!

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