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7 Time-Tested Secrets to Fixing A Broken Relationship

Before We Start…

Are you unsure about what to do to change your current situation? Do you want to feel amazing in your relationship again? Do you want to know how to fix a broken relationship? We all want to be happy and satisfied. As you are reading this article, you may be uncertain or curious about your future directions. Get this book to arm yourself with powerful psychological tactics before we start, or you can continue reading to learn how to turn the situation around. Now, let’s learn how to fix a broken relationship.

Secret 1. See The Problems “From their Eyes”

There is usually a reason why you are feeling your relationship is falling apart. Sometimes, there are more than one reasons. In order to feel great again with your partner and learn how to save a relationship, you need to first recognize what and where went wrong.

A lot of problems are often created because you both only see things from your own perspectives. You may have been ignoring your partners’ needs or hidden red-flags so now you feel that you almost lose the person. As you probably already noticed, problems usually don’t go away but only grow bigger and bigger. Until one day, they become almost impossible to ignore and solve.

The only way you can prevent this from occurring is to put yourself into others shoes and identify what is on their minds. Maybe there are distractions on their parts, too many unsatisfied needs, or one of you is unwilling to compromise. In order to reverse the situation and fix a broken relationship, identifying the problems is the first step.

Secret 2. Meet Your Partner’s “True Needs”

Apart from loving each other, we are in a relationship for various reasons. In other words, we all need to be satisfied physically, mentally, or spiritually to a degree in order to stay in the relationships we are in. Problems occurred when our needs are not being met. When this happens, we tend to start a fight or argument for our unsatisfied needs, or eventually look for outlets elsewhere.

Once you know what and where went wrong, you need to spend efforts to fix it. Whether the problem is sex, money, security, safety or even addictions, you need to find ways to meet the desires in order to move the relationship to the right direction.

Secret 3. Be “Unpredictable” If There Is No Spark

One of the common problems is either you or your partner stops feeling the attractions anymore. It means there are no sparks between you two. Feeling the sparks really means you are expecting and receiving various and unpredictable rewards. You don’t know what is coming that will make you feel amazing. If the rewards are all predictable, we lose interests and want to find the next unforeseeable excitements.

In order to reverse the situation, either you or your partner need to be a little hard to predict to feel the thrill again. You can master how to engineer desires by reading this amazing book. By reading it, you will now get a pretty good understanding of how attraction works from a scientific point of view and use the knowledge to your advantage.

Secret 4. Be “Vulnerable and Honest” If There Is Too Much Barrier

It is not easy to always be transparent with your loved one even though we want to. Social pressure and self-identity can make us say things or do things that are not really in our minds. However, more barriers and distance are created if we often wear masks. The self-guarded behaviors will harm the relationship in a long-run. If you feel distanced from your partner and don’t know what to do, use honesty and vulnerability to lower guards. You will be considered to be more real and more likely to feel the closeness again.

Although you may not always be accepted because of our human nature, you will understand each other better this way. Most importantly, the future directions will be clearer to you.  Sometimes, honesty might seem to lead you nowhere, but it will save your time, which is the only limited resource that you have. If you have to unhappily wear a mask in order to be with someone, more likely you will need distractions and make drastic changes sooner or later. You will also realize you can use the same amount of time pleasing yourself instead of others.

Secret 5. “Let Them Win” If Your Partner Is Resentful, Contempt Or Even Angry

Are you tired of constantly fighting and arguing with your partner? Regardless who wins the argument, do you really think the victory does any good to your relationship? Whoever is proved wrong will be resentful or feeling bad sooner or later. The cumulative negative emotions will lead to seeking outlets and distractions, which will occur more serious problems in the future.

One way to defeat this is to purposefully let your partner feel that they are winning the battle and holding the power. You can win the war and have your long-term victory this way. One of the best books to learn this technique is “The 33 Strategies of War”. By reading this book now, you will learn many extremely smart techniques to help you perfect your daily interactions with everyone and win the battles if needed.

Secret 6. “Break The Pattern” If There Is No Trust

Regardless who broke the trust in the past, you need to start the new behavioral pattern you desired on your part first. You will trigger mirror effects, which means your partner will be more likely to reciprocate and imitate your actions, words, and patterns.

If you want to know how to regain trust in a relationship, or you need to change others behavior, your first task is to understand the trigger, repeated actions, and rewards of the old behavior. Next, replace the repeated actions with the new ones you desired. Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit explains this very well. You can also learn how game companies manufacture behaviors, desires and addictions in this advanced book Hooked by Nir Eyal.

Secret 7. “Know The Price” You Are After If Your Relationship Is Unhealthy

You have emotional attachments that is why you hope to save the relationship that you are in. However, not all relationships are worth saving, especially with those who would do harm to you physically or mentally. Of course, you can take any decisions you want, but you need to understand the price you will be paying. Maybe saving it will lead you to more harms or losses in the future.

Spend some time to really think through the past, recognize the behavioral patterns of you two and try predicting the future with the pattern. Finally, evaluate the relationship before you make more investments.

Bonus: Let The “Professionals” Do The Job For You

I understand by now you might be still feeling unsure about where and how to start the process. Even though you know what to do, you might still be a bit hesitant to initiate the process because it is going to involve with a lot of emotions and mental work. One of the easiest ways is to solve this is to seek out professional help.
A good counselor can guide you to discover hidden needs, rebuild trust and create healthy patterns. However, the prerequisite of getting help from others is that your partner also needs to have the same motivation and desire to save the relationship.

If this is not the case, you need to change his impressions of you first and associate yourself with pleasure. The rewards of saving the relationship have to be greater than losing it, at least you need to make your partner feel and think this way. You can learn how to do this by reading Robert Greene’s best-selling book “The Art Of Seduction.”

Fix Your Marriage

Final Thoughts

We all want to feel amazing in our relationships. It is devastating to know we are losing someone who used to treasure and love us. At least, we want to be the one who can decide whether to let go or continue instead of feeling completely powerless. Your future is in your own hands. As you probably already know, the longer you wait, the less control you have over the situation. Now, you can check out this amazing book before you take your next step. By reading it, you will be able to reignite the spark and use it to really fix a broken relationship.

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